We are a full scope design agency in Kenya

We design custom digital products from UI/UX design to brand identity assets, develop compelling web and software products from the frontend to the backend, deploy to the cloud, monitor and manage for you. We also provide customized product development solutions for software products such as SaaS and Startups in Kenya.

When we were starting out in 2017, we had only one goal in mind: To champion for value-focused design in digital products, from graphics to software. For over two years now, we have remained true to this goal not just in our founding plans but also in over 50 design projects that we have successfully completed so far. There is something over 20 local and international clients trust in us.

In every project we pursue, we believe that the end project should do more than please the eyes. It should achieve business goals and add value to existing value. We hope to assist all our clients in realizing value for their money.

What makes us

Everything we do is aimed at ensuring that design does not just please the eye but rather adds value to our clients. We will go to greater length to ensure that every color, component, style, and product has a reason that does not only builds aesthetics but also boosts the bottom-line of our clients. This aim is embedded in everything we design, from product labels, branding assets, user interfaces (UI), and user experiences (UX). We guided by five goals.

Our Values

Quality Guarantee

Industry standards are our guiding principles to ensure that every item we design or print meets both the requirements of our clients and recommended practices

Timely delivery

Honesty is a vital component of our business philosophy. We are honest in our time estimates to ensure that we ship our products and design on time for your consideration.


We endeavor to make sure that every digital product that we design adds value to our clients. This cost of digital products is better recouped if the product adds value.


Our teamwork does not end in our studio. We extend it to you. We make every effort to inform our clients about progress made and make inquiries when clarity is needed.

Lean Design to Agile Development

Our software development process is designed to give you the best shot at success at the least possible cost.

1. Research

We combine our research expertise and your domain knowledge to validate and fully conceptualize your idea using real data.

2. Design

We deploy the best practices in the industry to design and prototype your product to have a clear picture of the end result before writing the first code.

3. Build

Having the clear picture, we deploy the most ideal software or web development technologies that will get the job done in the least possible time.

4. Test

We use industry approved software testing technologies and real users to test our software for quality outcomes.

5. Deployment & Monitoring

When all is set and done we deploy the software to the local or cloud hosting and proceed to monitor its performance.

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