Redefine your marketing and communication

Chatbots can double your sales leads and improve
your communication efficiency with your customers

A chatbot, or simply a bot, is a software program for triggering intelligent conversations with humans on an interface like Facebook Messenger. Chatbots can be integrated on a number of platforms including Telegram, Website, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Slack. 

Chatbots are intended to enhance contextual communication such that customers get informed based on the context in which they are. Just like humans converse with one another. 

Custom Development

We develop chatbots from scratch utilizing advanced technologies such as NodeJs and Python and Artificial intelligence tools  such as DialogFlow and IBM Watson. The end product? Simply smart.  

Chatbot Customization

Already have a chatbot? Great. Does it serve you like you want? We provide chatbot customization services where we can add more instructions and responses to your existing chatbot to make it more efficient.

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