Boost your performance through data-driven decisions

Marketing Dashboard

Monitor your marketing efforts in one reporting tool. Dashboards help you in understanding your lead sources either geographically, the products, among other metrics. There’s no better way to make marketing choices that to use dashboards.

Executive Dashboard

An executive dashboard helps you see an all rounded perspective of your company. They visualize the performance of all the departments of a company including production, marketing, finance, services, and assets among others. 

Sales Dashboard

Have the control of all your sales data under one reporting tool and measure your key performance metrics for your sales team. A good dashboard visualizes metrics such as conversion rate, sales per representative, as well as your sales values.

We integrate all data sources

Web Analytics

We harmonize all web analytics from sources such as Facebook, Google Analytics, Instagram and other online sources to help you understand your digital effort better.

Excel Spreadsheet

We develop custom dashboard for our clients from Excel spreadsheets in which any type of data can be uploaded.

Custom Data Sources

We also develop custom dashboards in a way that client can import data from custom databases such as SQL database. Your options are unlimited when it comes to importing data into the dashboards we integrate.

The power of our dashboard integration


We utilize powerful visual tools including charts and graphs to depict the impact of every move your business makes. The goal is to provide you with visual presentations of your business performance.

Remote Access

We integrate all dashboards in a way that you can access your data from anywhere including through mobile phones. That way, you’ve got your dashboard with you for all time decision-making.

KPI Metrics

Our dashboard integrations are centered around key performance indicators to help leaders understand vital aspects of their businesses for progressive decision-making

Want a demonstration of how a dashboard
can help your decision making?