A Comprehensive Guide to Writing A Killer Company Profile

Most small businesses do not spend time building a company profile until they need it. If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for a company profile and already know what it is. But if you do not, a company profile is a marketing tool that displays your brand’s products and services. It briefly introduces your business and its activities to prospective buyers and stakeholders. 

A company profile goes on to highlight your brand’s unique assets and qualities. Primarily, a company’s profile is a way to make a first impression before interacting with your brand.

A good company profile can be a key to your company’s success and a way to failure. The way you present your company profile will affect your customers’ and stakeholders’ perceptions of your products in the market.

A company profile ideation template

So, what is a good company profile? Some businesses design profiles as one-pager documents or infographics, which can be limiting. You can also create slides for the presentation format if you are presenting in a board room.

Another way would be to create a word document or a vector file to accommodate your company’s details. You can then print these profiles and distribute them to your target clients.

The importance of a company profile is not limited to specific industries. Whether you’re in electronics, services, consulting, construction, digital marketing, legal services, you can benefit from having a company profile. A company brochure gives insights about your business like a CV summarizes a person’s education and qualifications.

It is useful for all business sizes from startups to medium and established companies.

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Your company’s profile serves the purpose of a marketing tool. In the competitive business world, a first impression will have a lasting effect. Using a company profile, you can create your company’s identity by sharing your brand’s story, culture, strengths, and achievements through a simple presentation.

A good profile will also raise capital, win investors and high talents by convincing clients, investors and employees to engage with your business. From the insights on your profile, stakeholders can also decide whether you are the right fit for collaborating with.


If you are an entrepreneur at this point, you must be wondering what makes an appealing and stunning yet professional profile. We are going to take you through how to create a killer profile for your company. Given that a company profile is the shortest way to customers’ hearts, the profile should have an alluring design and interesting content.

Whatever company profile you are visioning at this point, you should know that the profile should preserve and illustrate the main image of your company and its main purpose. However, the profile should address your target audience, attract investors, high talents, and more interest from the public.


  1. The profile should provide correct information. You want to ensure that you do not make promises you cannot fulfill. Whatever you put in the profile, let it be true and within your capacity.
  2. It should keep a clear and consistent style. A company profile should retain your branding from the choice of colors, tone, brand voice, and brand promise. Unifying your profile with your brand helps you to create a memorable brand that your clients can appreciate and remember.
  3. It should provide a company’s history. The modern customer, both individual, and corporate regards stories and purpose than expertise (sometimes). You want your profile to tell your story from your history and the reason you exist to what you aspire to achieve.
  4. It should be brief and accurate – If the services or goods you provide have a lot of stuff, you want to be cautious to summarize it to avoid overloading your target reader with information. Content overload may prevent them from reading through your profile, which defeats the purpose of you spending money designing and printing the profile.
  5. It should provide information in a creative and captivating manner – This is one of the ways to encourage someone to actually read through the services you provide. A captivating design is likely to keep a reader glued to your profile for a while. That is why we spend time crafting captivating designs for the sake of our clients.
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Over the years, we have observed that these items are likely to be repeated in a company profile because of the information they relay. Note that we have not put them in any order of importance. 


This is the first introduction to your profile. You should keep it simple and choose the best image to represent your company. It is what lures someone to open the other pages of your document.


Here you find some accomplishments or awards that you can brag about. In general, you can use your founding year, number of clients served and monthly active users as examples. Specific numbers can depend on the industry. For instance, an asset management company can highlight average asset volume, clientele size, average ages of customers, etc.


Your company mission and vision should also be in your profile to help your target audience know your purpose and goals and your sense of direction.


You could also add a personal touch to your company. The dynamic individuals with passion and who are dedicated to achieving the goals of your company should also be on your profile. Try to keep it 2-5 people and add a little summary of each, which can include their expertise, philosophy, or favorite quotes.


Here you add what your company does and mention any other products and services that your company has. Products are best fitted for companies that deal with physical goods such as electronics, appliances,


Here you get to brag about your most relevant customers and some of the projects that you have developed with them. You can use logos in this case if the list is too long.


You want to demonstrate your capabilities. You can add your highlight past services or projects that your company has successfully done and a small brief of it.


Here you add reviews from relevant people for social proofing your services and products. Up to give testimonials are sufficient in this part.


Here you can add your contact information, how your clients can interact with you. This can be your office location, phone number, website, email, and social media.

You can see here how we have implemented each of these tools in some of the Company Profiles we’ve designed in the past.  

There you have it. I hope this article has been useful to you. One more thing, it is important to keep your company profile updated at least annually to reflect changes in your business. You also want to keep a fresh look at your profile whether dealing with old or new clients.

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