What to include in your building and construction company profile to appeal to your target audience

Users are ruthless on a poor design, and you don’t want their wrath on your construction company profile. A 2019 research on the importance of branding design noted that most users would abandon a website if they did not find it visually appealing or had an overall bad experience. The same can be said for branding assets such as roll-up banners, brochures, and comprehensive company profiles.

A company profile is almost a necessity for companies in the building and construction sector. It is one of the ways brands in the building and construction industry strive to stay on top of their target clients’ minds. If you’re applying for a building and construction tender or pitching your construction services, you need an appealing profile that can speak for you.

Uniquely designing your company profile will elevate your building and construction business to stand out in the crowded industry. Losing the attention of over 30% of your target clients because of poor design is not an easy feat. In this article, we’ll dive into two important aspects of building and construction company profile.

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The uniqueness of the building, engineering, and construction company profiles is the need for specific components that may not be essential when designing other sectors’ profiles.

  1. Type of building and construction company profiles
  2. How to design a building and construction company profile

A company profile for a building and construction company is necessitated not only by clients who wield the contracts your company is looking for but also by the need to set your business apart from the competition. The profile forms an important part of the construction company’s bid documents, complementing its general communication materials such as website, annual reports, and corporate brochures.

What is the most important factor to consider when designing an appealing company profile for a building and construction company? I would say it understands your target audience and curate your design to aspects that matter to them. This adds to the other tips we highlighted in a previous article about ensuring that your target audience gets to read your company profile.

A company profile mock-up

Types of building and construction company profiles

Building and Construction Company Profile – This profile highlights companies that deal with residential, commercial, and industrial construction services.

Road and Civil Engineering Company Profile – This type of company profile highlights road-related construction services that can include road building and construction, road rehabilitation, road marketing, and other civil construction services.

Waterworks Company Profile – This company profile is for companies that provide water-related construction services that can include culvert installation, drainage systems, dam construction, borehole drilling, among other services.

Construction Materials supplies Company Profile – This profile can describe companies that supply building and construction materials that can include sand, cement, building blocks, timber, steel materials, among other materials.

Electrical Engineering Company Profile – This company profile is ideal for engineering companies that provide power-related services from construction of electrical poles, distribution of solar panels and related accessories, distribution of power transformers and high-voltage power cables, maintenance of electrical systems, among other services.

Comprehensive company profile – This company profile can be described as one for companies that haven’t specialized in the industry. They provide services across all construction spectrums from waterworks, road works, and building works.

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How to design an appealing company profile for a building and construction company

A building and construction company profile will mostly include the following sections and subsections. You will see these components in most of the construction company profile samples that you’ll find on the internet.

Company Overview

This section entails descriptive information about your company. Under the section, you can state the number of years you have been in operation (unless it will affect your perceived experience). Generally, the section entails the following subsections:

About the company – Under the subsection, you can tell the history of your company, its founding philosophy, and why the company exists. This is basically the underlying story about your company.

Mission and vision – This section holds the goals and objectives that your company seeks to achieve, which can target your industry or the social welfare generated by your services.

Company Values – Under this subsection, you can highlight the values or philosophy that drive your company in its endeavors. Some of your values could include timely delivery, cost-effectiveness, reputation, professionalism, integrity, among others.

Why choose us – This section can highlight the specific reasons why the target client should choose your company over competitors. This of it as a highlight of your unique selling point.

Company Policies

This section highlights the stand your company takes on important issues such as sustainability. In the modern business environments, more companies are increasingly focusing on non-economic aspects of the business, including social and environmental. Some of these policies may especially be important if you are dealing with international clients who may include international organizations and embassies. Under the section, you can highlight the stand your construction company takes on sustainability issues that include:

Environmental policy – This could be your company’s stand about protecting and conversing the environment amid your construction activities. It is common knowledge that organizations and governments worldwide favor environmentally-conscious organizations because of the threat of climate change.

Talent policy – This could be your stand about the skills possessed in your building and construction company. You could highlight why your pool of talents gives you leverage for the consideration of your client.

Service Delivery and Quality policy – Under this subsection, you could highlight your quality standards and service delivery stand and considerations. The document would demonstrate that your construction company is driven by project completion and quality delivery.

Safety Policy – This subsection could highlight your company’s stand towards constructing safe structures considering cases of unfit buildings. You want to highlight those aspects that most people would ignore but which would give you an upper hand in your target clients’ eyes.

Social benefit – This policy is almost akin to the environmental policy. Under the section, you could mention how your company facilitates social gain from your construction activities, such as by championing sustainable and carbon-efficient construction for the benefit of the larger society.

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Licenses and Accreditations

Under this section, you could list your company’s accreditations for providing the different services associated with your brand. Common licenses are the professional certificates from the National Construction Authority (NCA), certificate of incorporation, tax compliance, and tax pin. Depending on your services, your licenses might include:

Waterworks license – This is an NCA license issued to permit contractors to provide waterworks that can include the construction of sewer systems, drainage systems, dams, and storage tanks. This license should appear in the company profile of water services companies.

Building works license – This license permits a contractor to engage in building activities for residentials, apartments, corporate construction, hospitals, and schools.

Road works license – This is an NCA-issued certificate to show that you can provide civil engineering services such as road construction, road rehabilitation, and road marking. This certificate should appear in road and highway construction company profiles to boost credibility and brand image.

Solar works license – This is the approval certificate issued by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) under Energy Act 2019 to show that your company is legally allowed to install and maintain solar panels. If your engineering company provides electrical services, you want to ensure that this license is ready to be included in your solar services company profile.

Your listed licenses will depend on the regulator in the specific service you are providing.

Example of license and certificates in a company profile

Construction Services

This an important section without which your company profile can lack meaning. The essence of your profile is to highlight your services primarily. Every other thing is an anchor as to why you’re the best in what you do.

That said, the list of services to provide in the construction sector is long. Whether you provide renovation services, road construction, school construction, stadium construction, road marketing, skyscraper building, whatever service it is should appear in this section.

Project Portfolio

Social proofing your services is one of the best marketing skills, and this section serves this purpose. This section of your building company profile should highlight the successful projects you have undertaken in the past.

Whether the projects had unique intricacies that should interest your target audience should be highlighted in your portfolio. For instance, this information could appear under the schedule of successful engineering and construction works completed by your company in the past.

Recognitions and Awards

Some contractors are lucky enough to scoop awards such as in design and sustainability efforts. Those awards should appear under this section. The awards can be pivotal in convincing your clients, especially where you deal with corporate clients or international clients.

Engineering, Construction, and Building Capabilities

You want to demonstrate to your target client that you can do what you say you’ll do. Depending on your construction capabilities, you could highlight some of your construction equipment, vehicles, resources, and anything that gives you an advantage over competitors. In most engineering and building company profiles, you’ll find this information under the Annex information.

Management Team

Under this section, you can highlight the key team members of your organization. The team may include the engineers and architects and any other talents that enhance your construction company’s uniqueness. It is also okay if you are not comfortable including your team in the profile, especially if you believe the information can be detrimental to your brand.

Contact and Call to Action

Any marketing document without a call-to-action over how clients can reach out to you is simply inadequate. You want to highlight contact information that your audience can use to reach out to you. The information could include your company’s physical address, telephone, email, website, and postal address. This information is usually featured on the back cover of your profile.

An appealing company profile can be the difference between getting a contract and missing it. It is not necessary to have each of the highlighted aspects for your profile to sell. You want to select the aspects that matter to your company and, most importantly, your target audience. Besides that, you want to keep your profile updated to reflect changes in the industry, including new construction services and new challenges in your portfolio.

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