Digital media brand identity and graphics design services

We design high quality digital media resources for branding micro, small, mid-sized, corporate businesses, and startups in Kenya. We prioritize not just on the aesthetics but on the message and how it is delivered to prospects.

Why build a digital brand

Digital media commonly referred to as social media provides individuals and businesses with a platform to display uniqueness and exceptionalism. The vitality of brand identity means that modern businesses cannot afford to avoid tools like social media, which holds over 3.4 billion people.

Digital media branding is more than having a social media account, whether on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or on any other platform. It requires articulating who you are as a person or as a business, the solutions you offer, and the values you stand for among other details.

Branding assets can play a key role in strengthening your social media brand identity. These include Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, social media posts, logo, website, and videos.

At Convenience Designs, we design custom branding identity assets to help you and your voice to be heard. We strive to product unique and eye-catching designs to aid a hand in your marketing campaigns.

We provide branding identity assets for businesses and entrepreneurs in Kenya through graphic design services and branding assets ranging from social media marketing tools, branded diaries, branded notebooks, and many more.

Assets for your branding needs

These tools are ideal for  branding any business in Kenya regardless of size. We deliver all printing packages to all major cities in Kenya

Professional Logo

We apply industry standards for visual design to design memorable, classy, and professional logo to articulate your brand

Social Media Branding

Social Media Branding

We design creative social media and branding assets that help in boosting brand awareness and telling brand stories more effectively.

We design adverts for newspapers, magazines, social media, and digital marketing

Advertisement Design

We design creative digital and print ads that tell the intended story to the target audience in captivating and memorable ways

Convenience Design Email Marketing Design

Email Marketing Design

We design email newsletters for email marketing campaigns to promote email readership and CTR

4 Reasons Why We are
the Right Team for You


Quality Guarantee

Industry standards are our guiding principles to ensure that every item we design or print meets both the requirements of our clients and recommended practices



We endeavor to make sure that every digital product that we design adds value to our clients. This cost of digital products is better recouped if the product adds value.


Timely Delivery

Honesty is a vital component of our business philosophy. We are honest in our time estimate to ensure that we ship our products and design on time.



Our teamwork does not end in our studio. We extend it to you. We make every effort to inform our clients about progress made and make inquiries when clarity is needed.

Let's Partner in Designing Your Brand Identity Assets

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