UI/UX Design Services in Kenya

We create informed and justified UI/UX designs to support you in improving user experiences and in some cases the bottom line through better product adoption.

Design influences the level of success or adoption of digital products. It determines the efficiency with which users understand and interact with a website, mobile app, business software, or any digital product. Design will have tighter grip on digital products in future owing to the rising culture where people are spending more and more time online.

Notable is that digital product design carries more than visuals and aesthetics (UI). It incorporates the actual user experience (UX) of the target client. It requires creating products around user needs and pain points. This means paying key attention to functionality, content prioritization, user behaviors, and use cases.

Convenience Designs works with clients to design not only beautiful but also user-friendly websites, mobile apps, desktop software, and business software. We embrace industry UI/UX guidelines from Material Design by Google, Fluent Design by Microsoft, and Human Interface Guidelines by Apple to ensure that we produce usable products and value-adding results.

Our Process

In our experience, each digital product is unique in multiple ways. For that reason, we follow key steps in our UI/UX design to help us to actualize the digital products of our clients with both delivery and results in consideration.

Product research

Experience has showed us the uniqueness of each digital product, which is why we always begin with a detailed research for firm conceptualization of the task ahead.

Information architecture

We then lay out the collected information in flow charts and sitemaps to group related items to map out full infrastructural and resources requirements for the project.

User Journey Mapping

We prioritize the user at all levels of our design. We conduct user journey mapping to try and determine potential pain points and hurdles in the user experience.

Wireframe Design

We the proceed to low fidelity designs, much like pseudo designs, to get ideas about layout structure of the product and potential effect on user experience

High Fidelity Design

This comes after have had a full picture of project components from the wireframe stage. This allows us to test with colors and fonts, which culminates to a style guide.

Creating Prototypes

Clickable prototypes are ideal for getting an idea about the MVP including the interconnection between components of the product after completion

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