Print media branding design and graphics design services

We design high quality print media resources for branding micro, small, mid-sized, corporate businesses, and startups in Kenya. We prioritize not just on the aesthetics but on the message and how it is delivered to prospects.

Why invest in Print Media Branding

Brand identity is a vital sauce for your business that makes it as unique as you are in that tightly competitive industry. It shapes the perception of your clients and target market about your company.

Brand identity is more than a logo and a website. In your office, branding does not stop at the measures you take for your customers but also efforts you put to growth internal loyalty among your team. Offices require internal branding tools that not only improve team loyalty but also in appreciating loyal customers.

Brand through print media has never been more important to business and offices in Kenya. More businesses are popping out every day and the chances of standing out without doing something are very slim.

Branding identity will benefit your business in not only being visible to customers but also promoting customer loyalty for more sales in the future.

At Convenience Designs, we design custom branding identity assets to help you and your voice to be heard. We strive to product unique and eye-catching designs to aid a hand in your marketing campaigns.

Professional Logo

We apply industry standards for visual design to design memorable, classy, and professional logo to articulate your brand

We design both minimalist and maximal business cards for businesses in Kenya

Business Cards

We design modern business card concepts for all sectors with unique layouts for to give you the utter professionalism you deserve

We design adverts for newspapers, magazines, social media, and digital marketing


We design unique digital and print ads that communicate the intended message to target audience in captivating and memorable ways

We design professional labels for existing or new products that launch into the Kenyan and East African Market

Product Design

Whether its a new product of an existing product, we design products labels that seek to make it easier for marketers to promote a product.

We design and print captivating posters and banners for all kinds of activities and events


We design clean and professional posters to showcase your business in the most ideal ways either in print or on the web.

Premium journal cover design mockup

Branded Dairy

We design and print branded diaries for both your business and to reward clients for use in profession meetings and planning activities

Convenience Designs Branded Notebooks

Branded Notebook

We will design and print branded diaries either for your business or as rewards to your clients for making notes and tracking tasks.

Convenience Designs T-shirt branding and t-shirt design

Branded T-shirt

We design and print custom T-shirts for promoting team work in business, rewarding customers, and for eCommerce merchandise.

Convenience Designs Tri-fold brochure design

Tri-fold Brochures

Tri-fold brochures are ideal tools for marketing business services at a small cost. We will design, print, and deliver trifold brochures to you.

Convenience Designs Roll up Banner design

Roll-up Banners

We design and prepare narrow-base and broad based roll-up banners to brand your event or your physical business for more visibility.

Convenience Designs Corporate Identity Desk Calender

Desk Calendar

This is ideal for maximizing brand visibility all year round in the office. We will design, print, and deliver desk calendars in Nairobi, Kenya.

Convenience Designs Corporate Identity Wall Calender Design

Wall Calendar

This is ideal for maximizing brand visibility all year round in the face of your customers. We will design, print, and deliver wall calendars in Nairobi, Kenya.

Tri-fold brochure mockup printed materials

Quad-fold Brochures

Like tri-fold brochures, these hold more information for marketing business services. We will design, print, and deliver trifold brochures in Nairobi.

Convenience designs pen branding

Branded Pen

We make beautiful and custom designs for branded pens, that can be used in the office and reward clients. We deliver branded pens in Kenya.

Convenience Designs Corporate Identity Branded Cups Design

Branded Cups

Branded cups are ideal for office use and rewarding loyal customers in Kenya. We will design, print, and deliver branded pens in Kenya.

We design professional covers for books and magazines

Book Covers

We design book covers aimed at not only giving an artistic look literary works but also making them eye-catching for readers.

4 Reasons Why We are
the Right Team for You


Quality Guarantee

Industry standards are our guiding principles to ensure that every item we design or print meets both the requirements of our clients and recommended practices



We endeavor to make sure that every digital product that we design adds value to our clients. This cost of digital products is better recouped if the product adds value.


Timely Delivery

Honesty is a vital component of our business philosophy. We are honest in our time estimate to ensure that we ship our products and design on time.



Our teamwork does not end in our studio. We extend it to you. We make every effort to inform our clients about progress made and make inquiries when clarity is needed.

Partner with us in creating your brand identity assets.

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