Start selling online courses today and generate more income

Everyone wants some additional income. I don’t know about you, but I do.

There are numerous ways to generate that income and producing online courses is one them.

If you have ever had a goal of selling courses and online and but has never brought that goal into a reality, then this article is for you.

By the end of it, you will realize that it is manageable to start selling your courses online and perhaps attracting other producers to sell through your platform.

Ideally, selling courses is an easy task when narrated and reading testimonials of freelancers that have made a fortune on Udemy, Coursera, Edx and other platforms can leave you drooling.

However, most people stop at the point of thinking, after figuring out the challenge it is to set up a complete system that can assist you in selling your courses.

The most enthusiastic content producers prefer to take on arguably easier but expensive approaches to have their content going.

If you peel back the mask of the whole idea of online courses, you realize that they are easier to start selling if the following considerations are made.


You cannot sell courses online without a platform. In this case, the platform is the website or app on which you want to hold your course content.

It is the place where you send people to book, view, and purchase your courses. Your users can call it their school as it will be their place of learning.

I pointed, some producers prefer to place their content on third-party platforms such as Kajabi and Udemy at a regular cost or a commission of your content sales.

The good thing about such platforms is that they provide you with ready-made platforms. All you are required is to develop great content to sell through the platforms.

Third-party platforms have their shortcomings compared to self-hosted platforms.

A great website for selling online courses, like the one in our bundle needs to be optimized for conversion to ensure that visitors do not leave the site out of confusion without making a purchase.

We provide a website that makes it easy for your customers to access your content on any device without having to force-zoom for readability.

The product

The product to sell through the platform is another crucial consideration that an entrepreneur ought to make. In particular, with a strong and powerful platform, you can offer your customers courses in different formats and at the same time sell related items such as eBooks and magazines if you wish.

To build an audience quicker, some entrepreneurs choose to subcategorize their content with free content and premium content.

At Convenience Designs, we do not provide content to our client but rather allow them to create their content


As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words and so is branding. It is imperative to ensure that your course content is presented using appealing graphics that tempt your visitors to go ahead and purchase the content.

This refers to designing the thumbnails of your content to make it appealing to any eye that comes across it.


This is perhaps the most important step in your endeavor to sell online courses. Marketing involves making people aware of your product in a bid to improve its sales.

Unlike the old days, modern marketing techniques involve focusing not only on new traffic but rather on the traffic that converts. It does not matter whether they are old customers or not.

Effective and productive marketing efforts require automation to ensure that an entrepreneur can reach as many buyers as possible.

Automation also helps in ensuring that you categorize your customers based on items such as their interests and ids to give them a fully personalized experience. All these are features that we include in our bundle for providing you with the ability to start selling courses online.

Before you can choose to market your items through paid advertising through platforms such as Facebook and Google, we ensure that you have a platform that is optimized for search engines to make it easier to find your unique content from a related Google, Bing, or Yahoo search.


Selling courses online can be a good business if the conditions are right and if it is easier for you to market. However, it is cumbersome and unpaying if you have to focus on creating email lists, developing your website, and creating content at the same time.

The aim of our web development bundle is to simplify the whole process to ensure that you can sell you content seamlessly and benefit from it.

Grab this once in a lifetime offer and you will either bring your dreams to reality or take your business ambitions to the next level.

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