Product development solutions for start-ups

We help micro, small, mid-sized, corporate clients and startups in Kenya to craft their software products. We provide UI/UX design, software architecture design, feature development, and software testing services to boost the quality of your product.

Product development solutions for start-ups

What we do

We provide customized project development solutions for Startups, Mid-sized, and large companies in Kenya and East Africa. We have in-depth understanding of several domains including retail, financial services, healthcare, and professional services. We have shipped solutions across an array of sectors including ecommerce, enterprise workflow management, and performance measurement from which we have gained immense experience concerning project management.


UI/UX design

We help start-ups craft the user experience of their products to enhance retention, boost upselling, improve conversion, and boost market adoption of their products.

Business Analysis

We work with you to clearly pronounce your project requirements, conduct market research to prioritize project features, and ideal delivery timeline.

Software Architecture Design

We help startups to design and develop reliable, maintainable, and performance-focused software using industry guidelines for scalable software development.

Quality Assurance and Testing

We help startups in security testing, usability testing, integration testing, and quality analysis to ensure that the product is not only scalable, but also maintainable, and secure.

Feature/Function Development

We will design develop some parts or your entire project to help you offload the massive work. Just tell us the features you need and we will give you a quote and a timeline.

API Integration and Tools

We will help you to integrate third-party tools and APIs to your existing product to improve its functionality, make it more efficiency, and usable.

Go to market faster

We provide product development specifically for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for startups, to help businesses in achieving a market-ready product on schedule. We help our clients in clarifying their product vision by adding our industry expertise to ensure that you build not just a product, but also a scalable one. We are evangelists of agile project management, which makes our processes flexible and easy to management. We assist clients through a number of ways.

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