No templates. We build bespoke websites to match our clients's specifics.

We help our clients solve their business problems and templates can't cut it for the value you need. How do we add value? There's no single answer to this question. We measure the results based on your specific business needs. We believe that having a website is not enough for your business, especially if it does not align with your overarching business strategy.

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How we'll help you

Thanks to over four years of experience with code, we’ve understood the common pain points most businesses have when building an online presence. These helped shape the solutions we provide and have helped us master these services more precisely.

Whether you are a startup looking for a web development partner or an existing business looking for designers to rethink your website, we provide solutions around four web development domains to help you grow your brand. 

Web development capabilities

We will redesign your website

We redesign existing existing websites using advanced tool sets for better user experience and business value

We set up bespoke WordPress websites

We will set up for you a WordPress-based website using third-party or custom themes and plugins

We integrate and develop custom APIs

We develop custom APIs and integrate other APIs such as SMS, payments, & Google Maps for more functionality

We develop custom web-based software

We develop custom websites for startups and corporate clients using advanced techs like NodeJS, Python, ReactJS, and PHP.

Comprehensive solutions for you

We have the exact ingredients you need for business success. Building a fantastic website is more than just knowing how to make things look pretty or writing mind-blowing code. 

Business Strategy

We discuss what you are trying to achieve and place goals on your website, planning how to achieve that. We will help you determine whether a landing page or a small website is sufficient to help you test your product before committing to expensive long-term investments.

User Experience Design

We will design your website to be as easy to use as possible while guiding users towards the end goal. We’ll put the user’s experience first, whether they’re looking to subscribe, trying to contact you, or just gathering information.

Search Enginer Optimization

We know search engines are the gods of the internet. An impressively designed website that users can’t find organically is not good enough. We’ll help you and guide you on how to appear on search engines. 

Customized Development

Our development is tailored to your business goals. The goals could range from eCommerce, marketplaces, hybrid, or SaaS products. 

Comprehensive Testing

We’ll perform thorough testing to ensure your website or web application is secure, operates consistently across browsers, and works as expected. 

Ongoing support

We’ve been here for fours, and we are looking forward to more years. We’ll be there to keep your website updated, including adding new features and keeping it secure from attacks.

Web development capabilities

Website UI/UX Design

We leverage both industry design guidelines to design websites that are geared towards the user, business value, and scalability.

Progressive web apps

We build PWAs for existing or new websites to improve user experience through native-like functionalities and offline-capabilities.

Frontend web development

We develop frontend user interfaces from new or existing UI designs using cost efficient technologies and continuous integration for scale.

Backend development

We will help you boost the functionality of your website by stacking it with the best logic, speed, efficiency, and automation for better business performance.

From the basics

We are custom enough to go the direction our clients want. Our goal is to provide outstanding web applications and web portals that are not only easy to use but also valuable to the business bottom line. For that reason, we have a full house team with different knowledge and capabilities to ensure that we build full-fledged web applications. We do so by taking advantage of an array of web development technologies.

Our web development solutions adhere to global standards for coding design systems in addition to our internal software philosophies; all of which are geared towards proving value to our clients and meet their web development needs.

Affordable and Professional Website Development Services

We provide the most affordable web development solutions to our clients, which include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), one month free support, fully responsive websites, user experience (UX) optimization, conversion optimization, speed enhancements, search console integration, Google analytics integration, integration with client social media, support and maintenance on a need basis.

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KES 35,000

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